Power BI Desktop

Business Analytics Dashboard

This powerful tool is available as a free download from Microsoft. It is specifically designed to help you go from insight to action, using interactive reports and data visualisations to display key information. RightQlik is here to help you utilise Power BI Desktop’s full potential. By accessing data from hundreds of cloud-based and on-premises locations, this software enables you to find actionable insights for your organisation. Compatible platforms include Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Azure SQL DB, Excel and Sharepoint. We offer expert consultancy on the effective implementation of Power BI Desktop at businesses just like yours.
Power BI Pro

Professional Business Analytics

The paid version of Microsoft’s popular business intelligence software, Power BI Pro is a powerful tool perfect for maximising productivity and profitability. It is designed to facilitate data-driven collaboration between individuals both within and outside of your organisation. This is achieved through rich data visualisations, mobile accessibility, permissions control and even team commenting and alerts. Although these functions offer a host of potential benefits to any business, it is not always easy to know where to start or how to utilise more complex features. RightQlik is ready to help you to gain the maximum benefit from your software investment.
Power BI Mobile

Business Analytics On The Go

As the business world is more mobile than ever before, it is key to ensure you can access business intelligence data from anywhere. Power BI Mobile makes this a reality for business intelligence users. By installing the app on your mobile device, you can stay connected with your business’s heartbeat regardless of your physical location. From sharing key information to exploring figures in detail on the go, Power BI Mobile could be the perfect addition to your business software. Once you have started using the app, why not harness this its full capabilities with outstanding consultancy service? Available now from the experts at RightQlik.