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Qlik data to everyone

Nprinting reports empower your business bringing your QlikView or Qlik Sense data to all users your business users, either external or internal. You can apply rules for each user or data condition that give you complete control over the reports.

With NPrinting you can create reports with the most popular files of Microsoft Office, as Excel, PowerPoint or Word, and html or PixelPerfect. That lets you create attractive reports with high resolution and multiple pages.

PixelPerfect Example

Download: example of what you can get from Qlik NPrinting

Sharing your data from only one platform

With the new version of Qlik NPrinting, you can manage the reports, tasks and security from the same platform.

NPrinting includes an editor that connects directly to Microsoft Office tools to have the closest interaction with the final report. Using filters and conditions, the scalability of the product is huge because the same report can be sent to different levels in the hierarchy of your organization.

Reports are generated in templates from the users and can be shared between them.

Qlik NPrinting offers:

  • Scheduled and one-time distribution of reports to Qlik Sense hub, folders, email, and NewsStand.
  • Server-based client for configuring, scheduling, and distributing reports.
  • Online subscription portal for users to view, download, archive, and subscribe to available reports.
  • Role-based security at the app level for administrators, developers, and recipients.
  • Multi-engine enterprise scalability, and enhanced governance and security.
  • Full Microsoft Office integration.

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